We bring people together

We make any organization more competitive.

From any device, with the most powerful inter-operable service in the world.

videoconferencia multitecnologia

The most secure and scalable TPaaS service in the market

A goTeam virtual room, or those you need with goTotal, a pioneering and exclusive service, customized for each organization.

Hundreds of companies trust us daily

Enter now our demo meeting room

To access via Skype for Business, look for the contact “demo@mygofacing.com”, and call as usual.

Enter demo meeting room

Microsoft certified technology

To use with Skype for Business.

We link Microsoft Skype for Business and Teams users with the rest of the technologies – video devices, web users, voice, etc … immediately, in HD.

We bring Google Hangout and G-Suite together with the rest of technologies

like Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, traditional VC devices, web users, etc …

Web management

Multi-language from where to plan meetings, send invitations, view planned sessions, history, PIN management, define layouts-viewing templates, access to record and stream meetings …

In a secure, simple and intuitive way from www.mygofacing.com

We add value to what you already have

making your Cisco, Polycom, LifeSize or Huawei equipments among others, capable of communicating with web, Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams or Google G-Suite and Hangout users.


With goSky +, any company with these manufacturers -MCU- infrastructure becomes compatible with Microsoft Skype for Business, WebRTC or Google Hangouts.


Simple and immediate.

Outlook and Google Calendar integration

Choose whether to send the invitation from the web portal, or download the scheduled meeting in Outlook or Google, and send it from your favorite calendar.


The invitation can be sent in multiple languages, with access details, including the direct access link via web, link for the test room to check the quality of micros or cameras, etc …

goLive: Recording and streaming

in a click, with administration tools, cataloging, etc., from where to broadcast live, on demand, download and manage the contents.

From a very simple and user friendly web interface.

YouTube and Facebook live integration

to broadcast, both live and deferred, public or private, meetings, trainings, etc … at no extra cost.

Constant technological innovation

With each update, quick and without extra costs.

Increase work agility

Reduce time in decision making and improve teamwork.

Connect easily

to mobile users, in a click, with significant reduction in time and costs.

Improve internal and external communication

in a pioneer way: data sharing and multitechnology messaging, with your corporate image.

Adjust resources to the needs at all times

guaranteed flexibility for any organization


advanced tools available to any user. Connect, disconnect, mute, etc ...

Service available on your own servers

If you want the Service Mode, without high investment costs and annual renewals.*

Safe and profitable mobility

Our service security and quality helps reduce costs straight away, with an almost instant ROI. ROI guaranteed with just 1 meeting. **

Allows to relocate resources

saved, to new projects.

Security and Quality:

Technology is important: Service, essential

SLA 2hrs, guaranteed and exclusive, worldwide.

With a unique infrastructure based on distributed, redundant and secured nodes, our users enjoy their dedicated resources 24/365, capable of balancing and finding the best connection options worldwide, for each communication.


Our service includes security policies such as integration with active user directories, role-based authentication and STP / SNMP security in OnSite mode. As standard, access with PIN to administrator and guests, users blocking, restricted access modes or communications encryption under security protocols, such as TLS and H.460 records.

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