Omnidirectional USB desktop microphone with DSP technology

2 USB hubs

HD Voice

mute / volume buttons and indicator LEDs

Optionally, Micro WiFi 2.5 G AdHoc

High quality material, with 3 years warranty and advanced replacement included, expandable to 5 years: automatic software updates for life.


the first multi-technology cloud`s service

branded exclusive for your organization with no limits: your brand, the very best of technology and our premium service.


Virtual rooms for any kind of organization

The market´ most powerfull tool, ina click. Perfect for new companies on the video field, for companies that need inter-operability, or simply for companies than wants to improve his old systems from Polycom, Cisco, Huawei…goFacing provides added value services for sny organization.

Fuente de alimentación y cable HDMI.

Mando a distancia Mouse Design

Códec-Cámara con 2 micrófonos digitales y altavoces incluidos