Probably, the best Multi-technology Telepresence Service

Certified Microsoft Technology that meets any person, from any device.

videoconferencia multitecnologia

Get access in just a click to our demo virtual room

If want ot test Skype for Business, simply call to ""

Technology certified by Microsoft

that meets Microsoft Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams with third solutions: inmediately, secured and in HD.

Ejemplo de integración del sistema de videoconferencia con outlook y calendar

Outlook & Google Calendar integration,

direct email invitations, meeting planning, record and stream…all, in just one click. GoFacing videoconference anyone, anytime, anydevice.

goFacer: Plug & Play multi-tech devices for small and medium meeting areas

With his FullHD quality, can be used with most of technologies -Skype for Business, Polycom Real Presence or just webRTC-. Added value AV tools, linke wireless screen share from any device, WiFi Mouse movement or touch screen compatibility, in a tiny hightech device.

Ejemplo de integración del sistema de videoconferencia con outlook y calendar

goFacing evolves traditional hardware

-Cisco, Polycom, LifeSize, Huawei, Aver, etc..- to the complete interoperability, making them be compatible with Microsoft Skype for Business, any web browser and any device. GoFacing une a todos en una misma sala virtual, de manera inmediata, garantizando seguridad y facilidad de uso.

Why goFacing?

The unique communication service that ensures:

Permanet IT innovation

inmeditly and with no extra cost.

Improve team work

while reduce time on decissions making companies more eficients.

Improves internal & external communication

in a pioneer way.

Web management based

for any kind of users.Conectar, desconectar, mute, etc…

On Site

server installation

Inmediate and easy mobility,

reducing cost with an inmediate and warranted ROI with just one meeting.* 

Adjust resources to each organisation and timming

with the best service flexibilty of the market, able for any kind of organisation.

Quality and Security

because technology is important, but service is key. To ensure a complete coberture worlwide, goFacing has his dedicatted resources distribute all around the world. Our SLA service support policy with a warranted 2 hrs max commitment, makes us unique: because tech is important, but eh service is our must, throught this direct support. Thnsk to our infraestructure, with redundant and last technology servers, we ensure quality on the service all around the globe, adding unique´s securities policies, from the admin/guest PIN up last protocols to code communications or Gatekeeper registration features with H.460 included.

Want to be a goFazer?

To have access you need to be guest or simply join your own VMR. If you do not have one, just ask us and get it! To join via web browser, go to”, insert VMR name, yours name and PIN and enjoy! TO have access via Skype for Business, simply add VMR as another contact, and call the VMR usual.

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