goTeam / goSupra

Reuniones hasta 10/50 usuarios simultáneos, en multi-tecnología HD

The dedicated virtual meeting room 24/7

Where to meet whenever you want and with whoever you want.

The best technology with guaranteed support, from any device.

Videoconferencia Multifabricante

"One click Telepresence meetings"

From any device and multiple technologies:

  • Tradictional systems (Poly, Cisco, Yealink, Huawei, etc…) 
  • Skype, Microsoft Teams
  • Google Meet/G-Suite
  • Web browsers
  • In just one click, with no installations.

FullHD meetings in an easy and secure way.

Microsoft y Google Certified technology

We meet Microsoft technology with traditional solutions like Cisco, Poly, Avaya, Huawei, Yealink, etc… immediatly, in a native and secure way.

We add valuable tools such as recording and streaming, in addition to collaboration through chat or data sharing-presentations.


goSky included,

evolving any Cisco, Poly, Avaya, Huawei, Yealink, etc … into terminals with multitechnology´s virtual MCU capabilities.

With goSky -1 license included-, the devices is registered in our gatekeeper, killing any network-firewall issue.

As a plus, it is possible to have point-to-point calls with Skype, Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams users.

Immediately, secured and with the best video quality.

Easy web admin tool

For any type of user, professional video has never been so simple.

With a fascinating user experience, both for administrators and guests: from traditional terminals or from PCs / mobile devices.

We offer an immediate, simple, quality collaboration without the usual inconveniences of traditional solutions, thanks to our multi-technology exclusive technology, QoS and immediate support.

Immediatly service
Web administration, for sending invitations, meeting control, interfaces ..
Video, chat & data sharing
No extra fees for use or features
Encripted communication
FullHD warranted quality
Dedicated resources: 2Mb / assist, Full HD, SLA,...
Yearly or monthly fee
Professional SLA

goLive: record & streaming,
in click

100% compatible with YouTube and Facebook Live.

goLive is our HD recording & streaming tool: user without advanced knowledge can record, edit and share meetings or training immediately.

Perfect for on demand video, meeting summary, or simply to share video presentations in a massive way.

Jump to a really nice support area...

Technology is important: post-sales service, our priority.

Our technology guarantees our virtual meeting room in 24/7 from anywhere in the world, through a network with intelligent QoS, managing connections for all its users, regardless of the technology chosen to connect.

But much more important, is post-sales service, and we are proud of it: guaranteed SLA or the training included, are just some examples of our unique customer support.

Professional Security & QoS for each of our users.

In a transparent way for users, our communications are encrypted, applying according to the technology used, the latest protocols in encryption and security: AES 256, AES 128, TLS certificate and SRTP, H .235, HTTPS TLS, DTLS and SRTMP, terminal registration in our Gatekeeper and Transversal Firewall with H.460, among other options.

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