goSky & Huawei

Maximum performance, without limit ... with whoever you want

Your Huawei device, at a higher level

Compatible with Microsoft Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams, WebRTC users and Hangout / Google G-Suite *

Huawei TE10 and TE20 best friend!

With goSky, we make Huawei TE devices compatible with Microsoft Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams and web users. It’s that simple and quick. Doens’t it sound amazing? With goTeam, you will have your own MCU room for 10 users !!

Huawei TE10

Con goSky consigue que tu equipo Huawei

goTeam and goSupra: Huawei, at a higher level

Removing communication barriers with other technologies.

We turn any Huawei system into a powerful MCU -10 or 50 users- multi-manufacturer and multi-device: just with an annual license. goTeam and goSupra include 1 standard goSky license.

Immediate installation with remote support for configuration
Ensuring Full HD quality
Instant inter-operability
Cost reduction in IPs, licenses, network administration, etc ...
Removing major network problems
Guaranteed SLA, real-time monitoring and dedicated resources -2Mb / sec.
Tecnología certificada por microsoft para skype empresarial

If you use Skype for Business, we monetize your investment

goSky links Huawei immediately and transparently – no training required – to Skype for Business and the rest of Microsoft tools users.

Using a Huawei system with goSky, you can make and receive calls directly, both to a meeting and to a Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams contact.

You can also call other third-party systems, such as Cisco Webex, Zoom, Bluejeans, Veedeeo, etc., avoiding the extra licenses that these platforms require to be compatible with Avaya.

goTotal, for companies with Huawei system

As well as inter-operability we add an immediate added value to any Huawei MCUs, making traditional H323-SIP systems compatible with Microsoft and WebRTC users … among other technologies.

But goTotal is much more: it’s customization, it’s evolving to a mixed model – MCU + Cloud – that is changing the audiovisual communications world.

Without installations, immediate, improving quality and benefits, with guaranteed support.

Technology is important. Customer service, a priority.

Our technology guarantees its use 24/7 from anywhere in the world, through a network that improves and, with QoS intelligently, manages connections on 5 continents. But much more important is customer service. We boast about its quality: guaranteed SLA, remote configuration support and training when acquiring the service, are just some examples of our exquisite customer support.

Virtual meetings up to 10/50 simultaneous users, multi-technology and Full HD

With collaboration, messaging, multi-technology, terminal registration at gatekeeper, with recording and streaming.

Possibly the best corporate cloud videoconferencing service in the world

Por personalización, facilidad de despliegue y uso, multi-tecnología, seguridad y escalabilidad.

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