goSky & Cisco

Maximum performance, without limit ... with your Cisco VC system

Cisco´s SX10 & SX20 best friend

With goSky, we make Cisco systems fully and native compatible with Microsoft Skype and Microsoft Teams users.

It’s that simple and quick.

Sounds amazing!!!  With goFacing you will make your own virtual MCU !!

Make Your Cisco

Native interoperability with Microsoft

  Receive calls from web users

  Have a unique address

  Make unlimited Full HD calls with 2Mb/sec guaranteed connection

  have a SIP registry with remote support

  Make and receive calls with any H323 or SIP device

  Share content with all these technologies

  Be able to join third solutions meetings such as Webex, Zoom, BlueJeans, Veedeeo and others, with no need for extra licensing

  Not have problems with your firewall, nor require fixed IP, Nat, etc …

  Have QoS and monitoring, with 2 hrs SLA guaranteed

goTeam and goSupra: Cisco´s systems at the highest level

Removing communication barriers with other technologies.

We turn any Cisco system into a powerful MCU -10 or 50 users- multi-tech and multi-device: just with a cloud license.

goTeam and goSupra include 1 standard goSky license

Immediate installation with remote support for configuration
Ensuring Full HD quality with instant inter-operability
Instant inter-operability
Cost reduction in IPs, licenses, network administration, etc ...
Removing major network problems
Guaranteed SLA, real-time monitoring and dedicated resources -2Mb / sec.
Tecnología certificada por microsoft para skype empresarial

If you are Microsoft Teams user, we make your Cisco fully native compatible.

goSky links Cisco immediately and natively to Skype and Microsoft Teams enviroments.

Using Cisco system with goSky, you can make and receive calls directly to Microsoft users.

You can also call other third-party solution, such as Cisco Webex, Zoom, Bluejeans, Veedeeo, etc., killing the extra licenses these services requires to be compatible with Cisco.

goTotal, for companies with Cisco

As well as inter-operability we add an immediate added value to any Cisco MCUs, making traditional H323-SIP systems compatible with Microsoft and WebRTC users … among other technologies.

But goTotal is much more: it’s customization, it’s evolving to a hybrid model – MCU + Cloud – that is changing the video communications worldwide.

Without installations, immediate, improving quality and benefits, with guaranteed support.

Technology is important. Customer service, a priority.

Our technology guarantees its use 24/7 from anywhere in the world, through a network that improves and, with QoS intelligently, manages connections worldwide.

But much more important is post-sales service. We boast about its quality: guaranteed SLA, remote configuration support and training, are just some examples of our exclusive customer support.

Virtual meetings up to 10/50 simultaneous users, multi-technology and Full HD
With collaboration, messaging, multi-technology, terminal registration at gatekeeper, with recording and streaming.
Probably the best corporate cloud videoconferencing service in the world
Customized and branded, ease to deploy and use, multi-technology, security and scalability.
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Calidad Full HD, acceso con un clic y todas las funciones.

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