goRooms TP200

Meetings with the best quality

with the most innovative terminal in recent years: Windows 10 with PTZ FullHD camera

A unique terminal, with the advantages of Hardware as a Service

Laia TP200 is a unique device, for any size meeting room with the best technology: more quality, less investment.

100% inter-operable meetings,  Windows 10-based with PTZ camera Full HD and microphone-speaker with wireless charging, to eliminate unnecessary wiring.

Specially designed to be used with touch screens, thanks to its features: Intel core i5 processor, 4Gb Ram and 64GB HHD.

Faster, more powerful, operates with any technology and less investment.

Transform the way you meet

A new model, guided by ease and efficiency.

Cloud and hardware service, all included

More quality and tax advantages

Fast, secure and simplified implementation

Designed for medium and large meeting rooms

Compatible with any application operable with Windows 10, and especially for use with Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, goFacing and web users ...

The most powerful multitechnology service

Meetings from any device in FULL HD quality
Access with just one click
without plug-ins installation, from any web browser
Integration with Outlook, Google and iCal
for proper planning, with direct access links
Easy meeting management
Multi language, agenda, invitation sending, PIN management, choice of interfaces in meetings, etc...
Access to meetings from any device:
Traditional computers, PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone
Recording and streaming
in FullHD quality and compatible with YouTube and Facebook Live
Dedicated resources to guarantee the experience:
2Mbps per user and intelligent QoS - deliver the best quality to each user-


Use what you need, without surprises on the bill.

HaaS allows you to deploy all the equipment you need according to the type of meeting room, integrated with your corporate collaboration solution and the added value of goFacing: meetings without usage limits, multi-technology, 4K or FullHD, interoperable and without installation, maintenance or variable costs.

A great service, without the small print.

Guaranteed Support

Any problem? Relax: Guaranteed 2 hour SLA and Prime Support in hardware.

Once the equipment has been implemented, we will perform functional tests with great detail. 99% of our clients do not have any hardware or software problems, but if any arise, we assure you that in 2 hours it will be solved.

goFacing is marketed exclusively through the IT and AV certified channel, which guarantees commitment and professional service.


Grow without limits, at your own pace.

Request extensions when your business demands it, without requiring costly investments.

What you need is what you will invest.

Hundreds of companies trust goFacing

100% of our clients renew our services annually: Because technology is important, but service is our priority

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