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We join H323 / SIP videoconference terminals with Google Meet

Interoperability with all videoconferencing terminals and services on the market natively and in high definition. Discover the easiest way to connect your video conference rooms to Google Meet meetings.


The Google Meet Gateway service

With SkyTeams for Google Meet, the Gateway service for Google, we natively and immediately integrate traditional meeting rooms into the Google Meet ecosystem and all its processes. It allows professional SIP and H.323 video conferencing systems to join video conferencing equipment as one user.

SkyTeams uses technology certified by Google.

Annual Licensed Service

Our skyTeams service has an annual license with which you can make your Microsoft Teams videoconferences without worrying about your equipment.

Scalable and personalized service

At goFacing we know that each company is different. That is why our services are completely customizable to the needs of each company.

Commissioning in 24h

From the processing of your skyTeams license, you will only have to wait 24 hours to start enjoying your professional videoconferences.

Interoperability with Google Meet

Discover the characteristics of our skyTeams

Native experience

Allow your H323 / SIP certified team to function as just another Microsoft Teams user.

FullHD quality

It guarantees a Full HD experience and collaboration between different users and platforms.

Secure Cloud infrastructure in Azure

Based on native cloud with scalable licenses that allow unrestricted and personalized growth.

OJB - One Join Button

Add OJB and directly access your Microsoft Teams meetings in one click (from Cisco and Polycom equipment).

SaaS & SLA Service

Deployment in minutes. 100% private data. 2H SLA support and Microsoft certified security.

Full interoperability

Compatible with all types of environments and equipment for video conferencing rooms.

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