Total interoperability with Google Hangout

We link SIP and H323 videoconferencing equipment with Google Hangouts: with a Google certified service, immediately and transparently.

The service that transforms the way of meeting via videoconference.

It guarantees investments made, linking them to Google Hangout meetings.

With the Gateway service for Google, we integrate natively and immediately the traditional meeting rooms, to the Hangouts ecosystem and all its processes.

SkyTeams for Hangouts allows professional SIP and H.323 videoconferencing systems to join videoconferencing equipment as if it were one more user. SkyTeams uses Google certified technology: it works, simply.

Unique characteristics for an incredible solution

100% SAAS

Implementation in a few minutes without complicated installation steps. Installation service with its own data center in the cloud and with a superior performance vs traditional model.

Dedicated servers worldwide

Datacenters distributed worldwide, to protect your data and ensure stable connections with the best quality and availability 24/7/365.

User experience

optimized with HD video, for your equipment or those of third parties: an experience that is full and simple.

Dedicated resources

to ensure collaboration with the best features and quality for each user, to achieve effective communications.
With the best SLA service in the market.

Scalable licenses

according to your needs, with which we offer unrestricted growth, customized for your organization.

Professional security

applying security protocols and data encryption for each user according to the technology used. All communications made are encrypted transparently for all users.

Google Hangout with NO limits

SSkyTeams works perfectly with Hangouts and its functionalities: programming in G-Suite, user administration-simple invitations, connection with any SIP or H323 device, etc …


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Express installation

for all the equipments in your organization.

Transparent for users

Straightforward and comprehensive: SkyTeams connects Google Hangout with SIP and H323 devices, in a transparent way to users. 

Hundreds of users and companies use our service daily

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