Security & Privacy

Secure, QoS connections and dedicated resources for each user

With a unique infrastructure based on distributed, re-founded and secure nodes, our users enjoy their dedicated resources 24 hours a day. Our service includes security policies such as integration with active user directories, role-based authentication and STP/SNMP security in OnSite mode. In addition, you will be able to control the security of your video call thanks to the PIN access of the administrator and guests, you can block users, perform restricted access modes or encryption of communications under security protocols such as TLS and H 460 records.


goFacing runs under its own servers, managed and monitored in real time.


All communications are encrypted by means of security protocols, in a transparent way for users.

Access policies

Security tools for users during sessions: PIN access policy and conference lock.

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Secure infrastructure

Our infrastructure

The entire goFacing infrastructure is deployed in Tier 4 hosting with 99.95% per server with dedicated security resources

Data for collaboration

No meeting is recorded, stored or captured in any way. Collaboration data (images, documents …) is never sent between other users. This type of material is sent as a video signal

The security of your meetings is a priority

With a unique infrastructure based on distributed, redundant and secure nodes, our users enjoy their dedicated resources 24/365, capable of balancing and finding the best connection options worldwide, for each communication.

Encryption policies

We protect your files and any document. Thus, anyone who does not have the correct password will not be able to access the information it contains.

Pin management

It aims to unite the system into one, providing the user with a single, easier and simpler access to services.

Room lock and activation

Thinking of your comfort, our system is designed for verification of movement in a videoconference, the absence of this allows you to lock the room and end the meeting automatically after 15 minutes.

Layers of security in your communications

Forget about interruptions during the video. Each meeting participant has up to 8 MBbps dedicated, so you won’t have any audio or video problems.

Security protocols and access policies

All connections in goFacing are encrypted with its own CDN network to improve communications over the Internet

Encrypted connections between goFacing and SIP / H323 video conferencing equipment use 128-bit AES encryption for multimedia traffic and TLS for SIP call control.

256-bit AES-CBC for encryption.

SHA 512 hashing for integrity check.

A 4096-bit Diffiee-Hellman module for key exchange.

No other ciphers, hashes or different modules are allowed.

goFacing uses SRTP for SIP multimedia traffic and H.235 for H-323 multimedia traffic

The administrator has the ability to lock the conference. To prevent users from connecting in the room. Invited users wait in the lobby until the administrator gives them permission to access the meeting after they connect.

Administrator Pin, Guest Pin, Conference Lock Each virtual room has a mandatory PIN for administrator users. Guest users must enter the user PIN if requested by the administrator.

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