Videoconference multi-technology, personalised for your company

Immediate integration: customized web portal
No variable costs per use
Web admin
Video, messaging, data sharing and many more options
The best inter-operability of the market: registration of video equipment, Skype for Business users, etc.
Pioneer business image: invitations, domain, access links, etc...
Adaptable to your needs
No minimum permanence length
SLA Premiun service, training and dedicated support

The service that is integrated in your organization, with a simple banner

allowing telepresence meetings amongst users with any device, using multiple technologies. Traditional videoconference, Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, web browsers, PC, Mac or Linux, our personalised app or simply from a smartphone, without extra costs.

All of this, with an almost immediate integration and incredibly user friendly, for internal users or external guests.

Skype for Business best friend

goTotal links, with our Microsoft certified technology, the world of traditional videoconference with the world of Microsoft Skype and Teams, allowing that each Surface Hub and Skype for Business user is able to communicate immediately with Cisco, Polycom, Avaya, Huawei, Yealink, etc users.

We link the world of traditional videoconference with the world of Skype for Business, adding professional security with HD quality.

Tecnología certificada por microsoft para skype empresarial

Unique customization

With your own telepresence and collaboration tool, adapted to your needs, and an exclusive customization: users website, invitations delivery, corporate access portal, calls flow, Apps for PC-Mac, iOS, etc.

Just as there are physical meeting rooms for internal use and meetings with customers and suplliers, with goTotal each employee has available its own customised virtual meeting room with no variable cost and with the image and quality your organization deserves.

Inter-operability in collaboration...

for all attendees, not only for videoconference but in collaboration tools: 

* messaging

* data sharing with all attendees

* recording of meetings

* streaming broadcasting: using goLive,our private recording and streaming service, or with thrid party solutions such as YouTube, Facebook, Wowza, etc..


Corporate collaboration solution

Due to its customization, it will show corporate’s image, looking like a proprietary tool.

This enables internal usage as well as enhancing corporative image.

goTotal is your proprietary collaboration tool.

Secure connections with dedicated QoS for each user

User friendly, we take care that communications are produced in a secure environment, applying, according to each technology for each user, the latest protocols in coding and security: AES 256, AES 128, TLS with certificate and SRTP, H .235, HTTPS, TLS, DTLS and SRTMP and system registration in our Gatekeeper with Firewall transversal with H.460, among other options.

Jump to a really nice support area...

Technology is important.
Service, a priority.

Our technology guarantees the use of your room 24/7 from anywhere in the world, through a network that improves, and with QoS intelligently manages, each of the connections that its users have in the 5 continents. This makes us unique, having at least 5 servers dedicated to their rooms.

But much more important than technological innovations, is the service, and we boast of its quality: guaranteed SLA and the training included when acquiring any of our services, are just some examples of our exquisite customer support.

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