Easy: making traditional Videoconference systems, compatible with Microsoft Skype for Business and Teams

goSky improves traditional video systems

making them compatible with Microsoft Skype for Business, Teams or any webRTC user, in a point-to-point HD call.

Receive calls directly from Skype users, Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams.

We convert the traditional H323-SIP video systems, into one Microsoft´s user: in a simple and immediate way, with professional support if needed.

Included in goTeam/goSupra service

 this evolves any terminal into a 10 or 50 users MCU device, with up to 2Mbps per user, using each user preferred technology: from PC, Mac, iOS, Android…and software -Skype for Business, Google Hangout, webRTC or just a phone call.

Secure communications

with Microsoft users, any H323/SIP device or any PC user.

All communications are encripted and secured, depending on user´s technology, in a transparent way for them.

Simple and immediate,

forget Firewall issues, ports and network configurations, NAT or fixed IP’s extra cost. In just 5 minutes with one annual license, any H323-SIP device will be securely opened to the world.

Immediate professional service,

 with advanced SLA included.

Technology is important: service, our priority.

Our technology guarantees the use of your room in 24/7 from anywhere in the world, through a network that improves, and with QoS intelligently manages, each of the connections that its users have in the 5 continents. This makes us unique, having at least 5 servers dedicated to their rooms. But much more important than technological innovations, is the service, and we boast of its quality: guaranteed SLA and the training included when acquiring any of our services, are just some examples of our exquisite customer support.

Right now
FullHD quality guaranteed
No complex IP addresses
Remote support for activation
Easy and simple. Righ away

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