Full interoperability

Allowing different types of video conferencing solutions to run smoothly with our service is undoubtedly one of the keys to goFacing.

Total interoperability

The cloud service that revolutionizes the way you meet

Interoperability is one of the hallmarks of the goFacing service, being one of the leaders in the sector in this regard. Thanks to our technology, you will be able to join our web meetings using equipment from different brands, among which we highlight some such as Cisco, Poly or Laiatech among many others.

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You can access our professional videoconferencing service through any web browser.


From any technology based on the most popular operating systems on the market.


Our service is perfectly compatible with third-party video conferencing applications.

SIP / H.323 protocols

Use our service together with your equipment for video conference rooms.

We solve your technological problems

Interoperability with all videoconferencing terminals and services on the market natively and in high definition. Discover the easiest way to connect your video conference rooms to Google Meet meetings.

Interoperability with

Microsoft Teams

Our skyTeams service, the Microsoft Teams Gateway service, provides interoperability solutions for Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business. Integrate, natively and immediately, traditional teams in the Microsoft Teams ecosystem and all its processes.

Interoperability with

Google Meet

With our skyTeams video conferencing service for Google Meet, the Gateway service for Google, you can join Google Meet calls with your video conferencing solutions from providers such as Cisco, Polycom or Laiatech, among many others.

From goFacing we want to provide all our clients with a quality service certified by Microsoft and Google with which to improve communication in your company. We offer our clients a service built and designed to provide all the benefits necessary to make the world of professional videoconferencing more accessible and interoperable.

Join our meetings through any web browser

Our users will be able to connect to goFacing meetings using their favorite web browser regardless of the device or technology used. Our service natively uses WebRTC technology that makes the use of web browsers compatible for Microsoft Teams meetings, Google Meet or any other type of virtual meeting. Enjoy a service in FullHD and without downloads for your company.

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