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Multi-technology videoconference, in a single Plug & Play device.

The most all-in-one Plug & Play solution on the market,

with up to 5 years of warranty.

Perfect for small rooms,

 thanks to its multiple uses and with advanced AV tools: from VoIP or Skype for Business audioconferencing devices, or wireless document sharing for on-site meetings.

All in one,

 in an elegant, discreet device of the highest quality.

Perfect for Skype for Business & VoIP rooms,

avoiding, in a pioneering and novel way, the need to add desktop audio conferencing solutions, since it can be used-configured as a VoIP device too.

Advanced echo

and noise cancellation.


FullHD camera

with up to 90º

High sensitivity digital microphone

– up to 5 meters away – and speakers (use of monitor speakers is recommended). USB port for micro connection / external speaker.

Friendly and intuitive interface,

easy to use with the “remote mouse” mode and fully interoperable with touchscreens.

Camera with vertical movement -Tilt-

 to guarantee the best image in any type of room and monitor.


 and 2.5 or 5 Ghz WiFi.

Because technology is important, and service our priority.

High quality materials, with 3 years warranty with advanced replacement included -optional up to 5 years- and automatic for life software update..

Altavoz Hi-Fi
Bluetooth 4.0
Micro digital
Wi-Fi 2.4 y 5G
Cámara FullHD
Codec Profesional
Gran Angular

Materiales de altísima calidad, con 3 años de garantía y reemplazo avanzado incluido,
ampliable a 5 años: actualizaciones software automáticas de por vida.

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the first multi-technology cloud`s service

branded exclusive for your organization with no limits: your brand, the very best of technology and our premium service.


Virtual rooms for any kind of organization

The market´ most powerfull tool, ina click. Perfect for new companies on the video field, for companies that need inter-operability, or simply for companies than wants to improve his old systems from Polycom, Cisco, Huawei…goFacing provides added value services for sny sized.market organization.

Fuente de alimentación y cable HDMI.

Mando a distancia Mouse Design

Códec-Cámara con 2 micrófonos digitales y altavoces incluidos