Audioconference? adding interoperability and collaboration. Forget variable costs

Audioconferencing and unlimited collaboration

without variable costs

Audioconferencing and unlimited collaboration, without variable costs

From any device, you can join in the same call to the users you want, either from telephones, -international numbers without extra cost-, but also from Video Conferencing equipment, Microsoft Skype for Business®, Microsoft Teams®, Skype®, from PC / Mac or tablets … adding if needed, data sharing to your audio conference.

"Recording audio conferences in one click.

As an extra option, our GoRec recording tool will allow you to record the meetings and share them later. An ideal, simple and direct tool for commercial training, marketing or internal communications. Everything is manageable via web, in 2 clicks.

"Schedule and send invitations from Outlook or Google Calendar:

Through the personalized Web portal, the administrator can plan meetings, send invitations with direct access via Web or from Outlook or Google Calendar, etc. No endless dialing numbers or PINs. “

Technology is important. The service, a priority.

Our technology guarantees the use of the service in 24×7 from anywhere in the world, including several international numbers with normal charges – local cal- through a network that improves, and with intelligent QoS manages connections in 5 continents. This makes us unique, having at least 5 servers dedicated to your room. But much more important, is the service, and we are proud of its quality: Guaranteed SLA or the training included when acquiring goVoz, are just some examples of our exquisite customer support.

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Guaranteeing FullHD quality
No complex IP addresses
Remote support for activation
Easy and simple

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Uso/Mes 24x7x365 24x7x365 24x7x365 24x7x365 24x7x365
Duracion de reuniones Ilimitado Ilimitado Ilimitado Ilimitado Ilimitado
Numero de salas 1 1 1 1 100/10
Usuarios Simultáneos FullHD 7/25 50/Person Solo Voz 2/3+1 20/10
Usuarios Simultáneos FullHD 7/25 50/Person Solo Voz 2/3+1 40/20
+ Caracterisitcas de Video
+ Tecnologias Compatibles
Acceso con equipos de Telepresencia: Cisco, Polycom, Avaya, LifeSize, Huawei, etc… Personalizado
Navegador Web - No requiere instalación Personalizado
Compatible con SIP Personalizado
Compatible con Skype Empresarial Personalizado
Compatible con Microsoft Teams Personalizado
Compatible con Skype* Personalizado
App iOS/Android Ilimitado Ilimitado Ilimitado Ilimitado Personalizado
Acceso Telefónico con números internacionales, sin tarificación especial
Software GoFacer, para Mac, Windows, Linux Ilimitado Ilimitado Ilimitado Ilimitado Personalizado
Grabación y streaming, con administración web
Integración con Youtube
Integración con Facebook Time
+ Herramientas Avanzadas y de Colaboración
Portal web de Administrador Personalizado
Mensajería Instantánea Multi-tecnología
Compartición de datos, incluido Vídeos
Integración con Outlook y Google Calendar
Administrador avanzado: llamar, colgar, mute, etc.
Identificación de Usuarios
Reuniones programadas e instantáneas
Compartición datos desde iOS/Android
Soporte Profesional: SLA máximo garantizado 2 Hrs
+ Seguridad
Acceso portal seguro HTTPS
Encriptacion SSL
Encriptacion AES 256 bits
Registro Terminal H323 GATEKEEPER CON H.460 O SIP 1 1/No Aplica 1 50/10 Personalizado
+ Integración
Acceso "click to Call" web/Intranets
Eleccion personalizada ID
Directorio corporativo Microsoft - - Opc
Implantación "On Premise" - Opc
Branding corporativo: incluye dominio dedicado, certificados, portal de acceso y mucho mas. - - - -

*Basado en "Best Practice", depende de actualizaciones de Microsoft. Consultar con información detallada con Dpto Soporte.

The multi-technology Plug & Play device that turns any small room into an exclusive audiovisual area.

Compatible with any video technology with Android client, and with the latest advances in AV technology inside – FullHD 110º wide-angle camera, next-generation digital microphone or screen sharing wirelessly – are just some of its features.

probably, the best PTZ terminal on the market.

Because it is the only multi-vendor one. Ideal for medium rooms, it can be used not only with goFacing, but with solutions from third-party manufacturers. Skype for Business, Real Presence from Polycom, Cisco, etc. The all-in-one terminal, which adds professional AV features, such as wireless sharing from PCs, iPads, etc., making the meeting room, not only in a videoconferencing area, but in an ideal area for wireless internal meetings. Probably, we said?