We make Traditional Videoconference systems compatible with Microsoft world: it's that simple

Skype, Skype for Business, Teams or Web users

We transform traditional VC systems to another user of Microsoft: simple and quick, with professional service and support.

Without additional hardware

no license installation and no permanence contract. We take your VC system to a higher level with immediate service and guaranteed SLA

Immediate, with remote support for configuration
Ensuring FullHD quality
Easy use, eliminating IP addresses
Guaranteed SLA and real-time monitoring
Easy and simple

goSky Plus, also for MCU-infrastructure solutions

By adding inter-operability, we add an immediate added value, making traditional MCU H323-SIP infrastructure systems compatible with Microsoft or WebRTC users … among other technologies.

No installations required, nor dedicated resources needed, instant and with guaranteed support.

Secure communications with Microsoft users

In a transparent way for customers, we ensure communications occur safely, applying according to the technology used by each user, the latest protocols in encryption and security: AES 256, AES 128, TLS with certificate and SRTP, H .235, HTTPS TLS, DTLS and SRTMP and terminal registration in our Gatekeeper and Transversal Firewall with H.460, among other options for room equipment.

Simple and immediate

In just 5 minutes, you will forget about Firewall problems by registering the terminal in our Directory Service with Transversal Firewall and H.460, making your terminals much more accessible and secure.

Technology is very important. Customer service, a priority.

Our technology guarantees 24/7 use of you room from anywhere in the world, via a network that improves and, with QoS, intelligently manages the connections for all its users, regardless of the technology chosen to connect.

But much more important, is our customer service, and we are proud of its quality: guaranteed SLA or the training included when purchasing goTeam or goSupra, are just some examples of our exquisite customer support.

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