We turn videoconference and collaboration into a child's play.

We bring people together.

Making the company more competitive. From any device, with the most potent inter-operability service in the world.

videoconferencia multitecnologia
The most secure and stableTPaaS service in the market.
A GoTeam virtual meeting room, or as many as you need with GoTotal, a pioneering and exclusive service, personalized for each organization.  

Hundreds of companies trust as daily.

Enter now with our demo virtual meeting room.

To access via Skype for Business, look for “demo@mygofacing.com” contact and call as usual.

Technology certified by Microsoft

that meets Microsoft Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams with third solutions: videoconference hardware, web and voice users, etc… Inmediately, secured and HD connected.

It unites Google Hangout* and G-Suite with the rest of techologies

such as Skype for Business users, Microsfot Teams, with traditional harware users, web users, etc… *: Soon

Web administration

multi languague from where you can plan meetings, send invitations, see planned sessions, trackedhistory, manage PIN, define layouts-viewing templates, access to recording and straming meetings … Everything in a simple and intitive and secure way from www.mygofacing.com

We add value to what you already have,

making possible that your Cisco, Polycom, LifeSize or Huawei devces, amogst others, are able to communicate with web, Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams or Google G-Suite and Hangout.

With goSky+, any company with infrastructure -MCU- fromthose manufacturers become compatible with Microsoft Skype for Business, WebRTC or Google Hangouts.

In an inmmediate and straightforward way.

Merges with Outlook and Google Calendar

in a transparent way for the administrator.

You can chose whether to send the invitation from the website portal or download the set meeting in your Outlook or GoogleCalendar and forward it from it.

The invitation can be sent in multiple languagues, with access details, including direct access link via web, test meeting room camaras-micros, etc…

GoFacer, by Laia

Pioneering hardware solutions:

GoFacer Myteam: First Videoconference equipment with Windows 10, for small-medium meeting rooms.

GoFacer TP1: First equiment H323 and SIP, PTZ, FullHD, compatible with Microsoft Skype for Business and marketed+C13 in service mode.!!!

Multi-technology exclusive equipments, with up to 7 years guarantee, for any meeting room size, with the latest technologicalinnovations int he market.

goLive: Recording and streaming

with a click, with admin tools, clasifying, etc, from where to life broadcast , on-demand, dowloand and manage contents. All of thism from a simple and straighforward web interface, for any level of user.

Integration with YouTube and Facebook live,

for broadcasting, whether live or recorded, public or private, meetings or trainings, etc… with no extra cost.

A unique communication service that ensures

Permanet IT innovation, inmediate and with no extra cost

Improve team work

while reducing time on decision making, making companies more eficient

Conectar de manera sencilla

a usuarios móviles, en un click, con la importante reducción de tiempo y costes que esto significa.

-Improves internal & external communication

in a pioneering way: data sharing and multitechnology messaging, with your corporate image.

Adjust resources to each organisation and timming

with the best service flexibilty of the market for any kind of organisation.

Web management based

for any kind of users.

Service is available in your own servers

if you wish in Service mode. No more high cost investments with annual renewals*

Inmediate and easy mobility

reducing cost with an inmediate and warranted ROI with just one meeting.**

Allows to invest the resources

and time that will be saved in other projects..

Security and quality:

Technology is important: essential service

SLA 2hrs, guaranteed and exclusive at worldwide level.

With a unique infrastructure based in distributed, redundados and securized nods, our users enjoy our dedicated resources 24×365 (24/7), able to balanced and find the best connection options available worldwide for each communication.

Our service includes security policies such as integration with active users directory, autentification based in rols and security STP/SNMP in OnSite mode. By default, access with PIN for admin and attendees, user blockade, restricted access mode or communications encoding under security protocols such as TLS and H.460 registers.